How many miles can you walk in a day on the Appalachian Trail? (2023)

How many miles can you walk in a day on the Appalachian Trail?

Most thru-hikers cover fewer miles at the start of their journey than a few months in. Average hikers travel at roughly 2.5 miles per hour; focused thru-hikers with strong legs might walk upward of 3 miles per hour. With this pace, many AT hikers are able to cover 20 or more miles in an average day.

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How long would it take the average person to walk the Appalachian Trail?

Completing the entire 2,190+ miles of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) in one trip is a mammoth undertaking. Each year, thousands of hikers attempt a thru-hike; only about one in four makes it all the way. A typical thru-hiker takes 5 to 7 months to hike the entire A.T.

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How many miles does the average thru-hiker hike in a day?

That may sound unrealistic to some, but thru-hikers do 25 miles every day.

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Can you hike 12 miles in a day?

A person of average fitness can cover 8 to 12 miles a day with a beginner to intermediate level of hiking experience. However, experienced hikers with stellar fitness can cover 12 to 16 miles a day!

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Can you walk 20 miles in a day?

With training, many walkers can finish a 26.2-mile walker-friendly marathon in about seven hours, with no breaks. That suggests that If a walker is well-trained and takes breaks, they can walk 20 miles in a day. If a walker doesn't take breaks and is going fast, they may be able to cover 30 miles in a day.

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How many miles do people average on the Appalachian Trail?

Thru-hike durations can range from a full-year to a blistering 46 and a half days (the current speed record), but most will complete their 2,189 mile trek in five to seven months, with the average being “a week or two shy of six months,” according to the ATC.

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What percentage of hikers finish the Appalachian Trail?

What is the success rate of thru-hikers? The success rate of hikers hiking the entire 2,190-mile Trail within the course of a year has remained around 25%.

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What state is the hardest part of the Appalachian Trail?

1. Southern Maine. For hikers heading north, hitting Maine is a significant milestone, and they are rewarded with this section that's arguably the most challenging on the trail.

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How long does it take to hike 100 miles on Appalachian Trail?

Here's the top things to consider if you're interested in hiking the Hundred Mile Wilderness. Time: 6-9 days, for most hikers; Our itinerary covers an 8-day trip.

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Has anyone walked the entire Appalachian Trail?

Since 1936, more than 20,000 hike completions have been recorded by ATC. This includes thru-hikes and multi-year section-hikes. We refer to anyone who reports their completion of the entire A.T. as a “2,000-miler.”

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Can you day hike the entire Appalachian Trail?

Can you day hike the Appalachian Trail? Absolutely. You can day hike sections or mix and match, day hiking some and backpacking others.

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How many hours a day should you hike on the Appalachian Trail?

On thru-hikes that take 5 months or more, a hiker likely will start and/or end their trip in the snow. That's why most thru-hikers end up walking far more than 8 hours a day—sometimes as many as 14 hours per day during the middle of the summer.

How many miles can you walk in a day on the Appalachian Trail? (2023)
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